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RSP'S Technical Analysis & Option Hedging Training Syllabus

Course Details:-

Important Features:

-> Less Theory More of practical analysis with lot of Real Time examples.
-> Modes of Communication – English/Hindi
->  Life-Time back up support in case of queries
--> Lots of PDFs and Notes,Study material.
-> Addition to whatsapp group of ex participants to continue the interactions and learnings.

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Technical Analysis:
1 Trend & Trend Behaviours
What is Trend.. Types of Trends..Why Following Trend is very Important.. & How to Follow Trend. What is Definition of STRONG Stock & WEAK Stock.

2 Support & Resistance -
I) Minor Sup & Minor Res
II)Major Sup & Major Res
III)Flip Sup & Flip Res
Buy Near sup & Sell Near Res is Golden Rule of Stockmkt.. but question is When To Buy Near Sup & When to Sell Near Resistance.

3. Breakout & Break-Down
i)What is Breakout & Breakdown, Types of Breakout & Breakdown
ii)Which type of Breakout We Have To Play.
iii)When to Play on Daily Breakout/Breakdown, weekly Breakout/breakdown, Monthly Breakout/breakdown.
iv) How to know False/Fake Breakout/Breakdown. Why Its Occur.

4.High Probability Reversal Candlestick Patterns

5.Rules-Based Strategies for Indicators
i) Leading Indicators & Lagging Indicators
ii)MACD & Moving Avg
iii)RSI & SuperTrend

6.Multi time-frame Analysis
7. Risk Management using Hedging Strategies
8..Money Management
10.Technical analysis step by step (The Mental Check-list)

Option Hedging  

1.Market Terminology – Open interest, CE/PE
2.Options Pricing: Intrinsic Value & Time Value
3.Option Greeks
5.Pay off Graph
6.Strategy using Options
7.Strategy using Futures
8.Delta-Neutral Strategies
9. Pre-Event Strategy
10.Directional Strategy (Bullish & Bearish)

Mode of Training :
There are 2 mode of Training
Online- with help of Team Viewer & Telephonic conversation.(Skype/whatsapp calling) we can complete the course in 2/3 weeks

Offline- face to face  In Mumbai or at your place if more than 4 student. ( 2 days)

Interested Member contact me at
Mob/Whatsapp - +91-7977151052
Telegram :@stockstudy8 Or

If you would like a training session in your city and are a group of interested people go mail us on

Fees : Rs 17500/-
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