Sunday, 8 January 2017

Prime Securities : More than 1000% Return in 2 year..

Prime Securities 2 year back Stock was trading arnd 3.5/4..
 Now in 2016 stock hit 50+ level. that's 16 times.. 

In 2014 Co. was in loss now if u read the fundamental of co. stock looks good. thats beauty of Technical Analysis..  

Check Below Link for Old Reco

My most of the reco like Spicejet,Triveni,Blkashyap,Mic Electronic, Alkali Metal & many more is bad co. fundamentally Not Technically When i reco. 
now Presently most co. is now turnround mostly...

Alkali Metal Reco near 15 hit 110 almsot 700%

& many more Stock Hit 100% easily With Technical.

In stock market, Its not about catching a bottom or top..
Focus on Best Price to enter... so that once you buy, that level never come again..
So for making money its not necessary that you should have C.A /MBA or High Degree or Fundamental Knowledge  to earn in a stock market. 

Technical Analysis is the Answer for all :) 


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