Thursday 8 November 2018

Techno-Funda Diwali Pick : Expected Target 555+

Vimta Labs

Group / Index : B / S&P BSE SmallCap 
Industry : Healthcare Services

Last year We recommended Autoaxle at 900 and UshaMartin as diwali Pick AutoAxle Doubled and still trading at 1300 
UshaMartin up55% cmp 39

1.Multiyear Breakout 
2.12 year Breakout ..Stock Broken its 2006High 
3.Trading above all Important Moving Avg.
4.Rounding Bottom Pattern Breakout
5. Company has good consistent profit growth of 31.05% over 5 years
6.Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 20.42%
7.NetSales(Q) Highest at 54.55cr and grown each quarter in last five quarter 
8.Dividend Per share (Annually) highest at 2rs in last 5 years
9.EPS(Q) highest at 2.92 in last Five quarters
10.PAT(Q) highest at 6.46cr in last Five quarters
11.Debt to equity ratio is below 0.5

Bought at 272 will add more near 240/35 For 555+
(5/7 Year Tgt 1515+)


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