Friday, 30 September 2022

#Spx100 - Mother of All market - Monthly RSI at double bottom

 #Spx100 - Mother of All market 🔴

LTP 3634

1)Trading Near 200 weekly sma
2) From last 11 year This 200 wsma gave perfect support except 2020.
3)Monthly RSI at double bottom sup

Law of polarity Strong sup 3588-3549
Worst case Coronatop =3385 Become support now


3)Monthly RSI at double bottom sup

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#Intresting #Observation about Nasdaq100 #BestOpportunity

 #Intresting #Observation

Today #Nasdaq100 Monthly RSI = 42.38

Last time monthly RSI touched 42.5 in 2008-09
That time #Nasdaq Index was 1100/1300
Now almost 10X
Good Time To accumulate & start SIP in Nadaq ETF & Mutualfunds From here on for next 2/3 Years View..

Weekly Chart of Nasdaq100
Currently Trading Near Strong Sup of 200 Wsma & Coronatop breakout retest lvl at 9736-9700 in worst case ..

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