Tuesday 3 May 2016

RSP Technical/Fundamental Analysis Training Syllabus - Online/Offline

Technical Analysis Training Workshop - Online/Offline

Course Details:-

Important Features:

-> Less Theory More of practical analysis with lot of Real Time examples.
-> Modes of Communication – English/Hindi
->  Life-Time back up support in case of queries
-> Small Batch Size of 5-8 participants.
-> Lots of PDFs and Notes,Study material.
-> Addition to Facebook/Telegram/whatsapp group of ex participants to continue the interactions and learnings.

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The Topics to be covered given  below :
1. Stock Market Basics
2. Type of Stock Market Analysis
Fundamental Analysis:
i)How To find Strong Fundamental Pick
ii) What is Value Investing.
iii) How to select Cheap Stock at Life-Time High Market also.
iv)How To Pick Multibagger Pick with Help of Fundamental Analysis.
v)Which Type of Stock To Select While Investing.
Vi) How to Calculate Target With The help of Fundamental analysis.

 Technical Analysis:
3. Review of Technical Analysis
3.1 Trend & Trend Behaviours
What is Trend.. Types of Trends..Why Following Trend is very Important.. & How to Follow Trend. What is Definition of STRONG Stock & WEAK Stock. 

3.2 Support & Resistance -

I) Minor Sup & Minor Res
II)Major Sup & Major Res
III)Flip Sup & Flip Res
Buy Near sup & Sell Near Res is Golden Rule of Stockmkt.. but question is When To Buy Near Sup & When to Sell Near Resistance. 

3.3 Trend-line & Channel

What is Trendline,How to Draw Trendline.. When To use, How to use, What is purpose of using Trendline. 
3.4 Breakout & Break-Down
i)What is Breakout & Breakdown, Types of Breakout & Breakdown
ii)Which type of Breakout We Have To Play.
iii)When to Play on Daily Breakout/Breakdown, weekly Breakout/breakdown, Monthly Breakout/breakdown.
iv) How to know False/Fake Breakout/Breakdown. Why Its Occur. 

***Above 4 Topic is Very Very Important***

3.5 Different types of charts (Line,Bar,Candlestick) 

4.Types of Candlesticks Patterns
What is candlesticks Pattern, How to use it in our Trading life.
When to use it,
High Probability Reversal Candlestick Patterns
How to select the stock using candlestick patterns, When Patterns Fails

5. Introduction to chart Patterns
5.1 Reversal Pattern
(H&S, INV H&S,WEDGES-Type Of wedges, Double Top/Bottom Pattern.)

5.2 Continuation Pattern
(Symmetrical Triangle,Ascending Triangle,Descending Triangle,Flag,Pennant,
Cup&handle Pattern, Rectangle Pattern,Channel)
Which Pattern is Highly Successful, When Patterns Fails.

6.Rules-Based Strategies for Indicators
6.1 Leading Indicators & Lagging Indicators
6.2 RSI,MACD & Moving Avg
6.3 When To Use Which Indicator(TimeFrame)
6.4 Supertrend

7.Mastering Multi time-frame Analysis
8. Risk Management using Hedging Strategies 

9.Money Management  
10.Technical analysis step by step (The Mental Check-list)
11.Trick –How to Pick Best stock. When to exit when to enter.
12.Trading Discipline and What steps to take to be a successful Professional Trader/Investor using Technical Analysis.

What you Will learn from this course?

Technical Analysis is all about Where to Buy/where to Sell Which Stock to Buy/ Money-Management.

In Short Good Entry/Exit/Stop-Loss & “Stock Selection”.

Apart from that , Some Important Point You going to learn

How To Make Positional call/Long Term Call/Swing call/ Intra-day call
 What is The First Indication That Stock Is Going To Bottom-Out/Top-Out Soon .
 Importance of Moving Averages In Trading/Investing Life
 Importance of Stop-Loss In Trading/Investing Life
 How To Make Money From PENNY Stock. 

How to identify market trends
 How to Pick Best stock. which do not fall in Bearish Market.
 What is Golden Cross & Death Cross.
 Why Every Trader/Investor Should Trust On Technical Analysis
 Why Right Exit Is So Important In Investing Life

Method of selection of stocks for intra-day & positional trading
 My Advice For Every Traders/Investor.
 Trading Method/The Mental Check-list
Risk Management/Money-management
Question Answer Session.

Benefits Of  the Course :

1.Start your part time trading business .You can Trade Intraday/Short Term/Longterm in any market of the world. 
2.Learn the art of stock picking for long term wealth creation.
3.Learn to trade stocks in both bullish and bearish market. Learn Definition of Good or bad Strong or weak Stock. 
4.Stop looking for tips and focus on generating the ideas yourself. because its your money and its should handle by your own. 
5.Benefit from the power of the 8th wonder in the world – Compounding.
6.You will be ahead of 90% investors in the world who depend solely on Fundamental Analysis only.

Mode of Training :
There are 2 mode of Training

Online- with help of Team Viewer & Telephonic conversation.(Skype/whatsapp calling) we can complete the course in 2/3 weeks

Offline- face to face  In Mumbai or at your place if more than 4 student. ( 2 days)

Interested Member contact me at 
Mob/Whatsapp - +91-7977151052
Telegram :@stockstudy8 Or 

If you would like a training session in your city and are a group of interested people go mail us on stockstudy8@gmail.com

Fees : Rs 17500/-


Ravi Prasad