Sunday, 9 September 2018

Multiyear Big Breakout: Buy for 2X/5X/10X Return


Group / Index:A / S&P BSE SENSEX   Security Code:507685 Face value:2 
Industry:IT Consulting & Software  Market cap :Rs 1,46,602 Cr (Large Cap)

1. 18 year Breakout Coming Soon
2. Trading above all avg
3. Price To Book Value is 3
4.Stock is trading below Industry PE
5.Return on Equity is 16.70 %
6.Dividend Yield :0.31 %
7.Net Sales(Q) highest at 14230.60Cr in last five quarters. 

Weekly Close above 341 ..Start Buying 50%
Monthly Close Above 341 Buy More ..Start SIP 
For Target 2x/5x/10x

TimeFrame: 7/9 year min 

(Buy Only if u can hold for LongTerm )

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