Saturday 14 January 2017

13 year Cup&Handle breakout: India Nippon Electricals-

India Nippon Electricals

LTP 592

About Company 
India Nippon Electricals Limited is an India-based manufacturer of electronic ignition systems for two-wheelers, three wheelers and portable engines. The Company's products include FlyWheel Magneto/Generator, Capacitor Discharge Ignition (CDI) & Transistor Ignition Units, Ignition coil Units, Integral Units (Combined CDI & Ignition Coil) and Regulator/Rectifier Units. The Company offers FlyWheel Magneto/Generator for motorcycle, motorcycle moped scooter and three wheeler general purpose engine, among others. It offers a range of Regulator/Rectifier Units, including half wave- alternating current (AC), half wave-ac/direct current (DC), full wave-AC/DC, full wave-DC and single phase-shunt, and full wave-DC and single phase-series, among others. It offers Analogue AC CDI, Digital AC CDI and Digital DC CDI, among others. Its products are also used in portable gensets, lawn movers and wood saw cutters, among others. The Company sells its products in the domestic and export markets.

1.Company is  debt free.
2.Company has been maintaining a healthy dividend payout of 45.14%
3.Stock P/E: 21.99 Compared to its Industries PE of 60.11 ( Very cheap)
4. 13 year Cup&Handle Breakout
5.Trading above Its all Imp moving avg.

My Strategy is 
i will buy this stock in every dips till 555-500 
No Stoploss For Target 2000/4000++
 (Hold at least for a 4/6 year)
Will Not sell the stock till Stock PE Touches its Industries PE. 

Note: Short Term Player do not buy this co.

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