Thursday, 21 January 2016

Live Intraday Trade Of the Week

Once Again In Volatile Negative market This week did Pure Intraday Trade. 
My Mission is daily 10/12 Point in Nifty Option with 2 lot. So its. 1500 Per day. we have 20 Trading session. so 20*1500=30K not bad. 
Option is only good For Intraday. 5/8/9 times money with Option is Like Talking in a Air. Soon working on this too. at least 2/3 times. 
Last Week Trade Snapshot Check Here

Some Intraday Trade Snapshot of this week.  Click on Below Link.

                                   Trade 1


                                    Trade 3

                                     Trade 4

Now Lets Talk about Positional Trade.. as i already update on FB.
Once SL hit in any call. Try to exit from them. So dont wait for update. i'm not going to change the SL. Rest wait Till JAN month . Then will update NIFTY NEXT MOVE. 

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