Tuesday 23 August 2016

Must Read -Lay Man's Thinking

Lay man's Thinking

An engineer in a car manufacturing company designs a world class car.
The owner is impressed with the outcome and praises him a lot.
While trying to shift the car from the manufacturing area to the show room, they realised that the car is a few inches taller than the entrance.
The engineer felt bad that he hadn't noticed this  before creating the car.
The owner was at a loss on how to take it out of the manufacturing area.

The painter suggested that they could bring out the car and the few scratches on top of the car could be taken care of later on.

The engineer suggested that they could break the entrance and after taking the car out cement it in place again.

The owner was not happy with any of the ideas and felt that it was a bad sign to break the entrance or allow scratches on the car.

*The watchman* who was watching all this drama slowly approached the owner.
He wanted to give an option if they had no problem.
They all wondered what this ordinary man could tell them that the experts could not .

The Watchman said : *The car is only a few inches taller than the entrance, so if they release the AIR in the tyre, the height of the car will be adjusted and could then be easily taken out.*

Everyone clapped!!

```Don't encounter problems from the expert point of view.
There is always a``` *LAYMANS point of view* ```that will give the best solution for a problem at any given point of time...```
••••••• •••••••• •••••••••

Life issues are also the same.

Many a time a friend's entrance door falls short by a few inches, and we feel taller!!
Release some air (ego) and adjust the height.
Think  simple...
Be simple...
Live simple.