Saturday 1 April 2017

Technical Analysis That Works !!! - Part 3

Technical Analysis That Works !!! - Part 3
Snapshot of some Recent and Old call Based on Technical Analysis that works. 

you can check Part1 at below Link:

 Part2 at below Link:

                                Navneet Reco 78/68 Does 170+ 


                        Reco again near 120-125 For 170+


Kamdhenu Reco at 64/58 does 104+ More to come

GSFC Reco 86/78 Does 131++

KMSGUAR Reco at 8/9 Does 37++

Tanla Reco 42/38 does 68+ More to come

RCF Reco 53/48 Does 83+

Prime Focus Reco 35/31 Does 90+

Gail Reco 375/65 Does 525+ (Before Bonus Rate)

Again Reco near 410/03 did 525++

KRBL 310 to 390++

Goldiam Reco 60/55 Does 95+

Nifty SMALLCAP 5597 to 6985+

Tatasponge as a SIP low 486 nw 720++

AstraPoly 470>>>570+

Triveni Engineering and Industries34>>>>>>>92+++

BajajElectrical220/30 to 374++



Apart from above Stock There are lot of no of winning pick are there you can check it in Performance Section. 
In Last six month ADSL /PNB/India Hotel Hit the Stoploss.

Above all performance is purely based on Technical can see many time we did always Perfect Entry.Once We Bought that level never came again. this is beauty of Technical Analysis.

This is How Learning Technical Analysis may Benefit you For Rest of Your Life .... 

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