Thursday 25 July 2019

My 2 cents advise Using RSI :When To Start Investing In Midcap


1.Midcap Index Trading Below 200WeeklyMovingAvg .last time it gone below this in July2013. & Also Broken 5 year Trendline

2. Check Monthly Chart of CnxMidcap ..Last 2 bottom made when RSI Touches 36/37 lvl

3.Current RSI Value is 43.2 So Nothing Harm in waiting for 36/37 Zone To Start Investing. 
4. Shorterm Hope Level for Midcap is 15800 Low of Oct 2018.

5. In My View Still We Have To wait for good level .. i may go wrong too.. 

Remember an important point folks. 
NO ONE CAN TELL THE FUTURE. What we are trying to do here, with Technical Analysis, is to provide ourselves with a framework to base our trades upon. 

                                                       CNXMIDCAP Monthly Chart

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