Thursday 14 April 2016

Performance Report : 100% gain in 7700ce & Positional Pick rock

Hello Readers,
So Finally today  Nifty touch 200SMA. that im already wrote on First week of march in my Nifty Post. That due to +ve div in daily expecting to touch 200SMA whereas many was shorting for lower target with sl of 7620. Check Old Article here.. and Do Read

Nifty bounced almost 1000 point from recent bottom. i.e from  200SMA. chart is posted on twitter 
 check here 200SMA CHART 

This month 2 Option Trade did very well. 
first 7500CE Short From 232 to 123.
7500CE 232>>>>>>>>123. 
Check Chart 7500CE SHORT
The moment Nifty 7500CE did the target of 123. market Reversed .

yesterday Given Long Nifty 7700CE @98 for tgt 7921 spot.
today made high of 214+ .
7700CE 98>>>>>>>214++ 
check call Buy 7700CE@98

 Reason for 7700CE long is Breakdown in 7800PE@121
 check chart 7800PE CHART
7800PE 121>>>>>>>>>>>45++ almst lost 60% of its value in one day.

Apart from this week. All Positional pick also did well rose 20/25%. in 2 month. 

BAGFILMS Low 3 High 4.95
PowerGrid 129>>>>>>>>145++
Universal Cables 63>>>>>>>>82+
Nitco low 28.55 now 45++
Standard Industries 21>>>>>>>27++
NAVNETEDUL 77>>>>>>>>>90++
MT EDUCARE low 135>>>>>181++
SBIN low 148 >>>> 198++
SJVN low 26 >>>29++

BLKASHYAP, SYNCOM KECL SL HIT. that im already update on twitter & Fb. 

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