Sunday 1 March 2020

"will history repeat itself" #NiftyView Big Question: How to Play this View

Simple Observation :)

Frm last 4 year (since 2016) Every bad news /Panic fall Halted near 100 Weekly avg Band..This time 11098-11055 Lvl..

"will history repeat itself"

KeepItSimple :)

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Bulls Last Hope :
2 Year Longterm Trendline Support 11090/11025 Zone
#Nifty #TrendlineSupport #nse

Big Question is How to Play this View.. answer many way
1. Whenever Level active use ORB setup to Confirm Bottom Out
2. Use Lower TimeFrame 60 or 30min . Apply Supertrend(10,3) Whenever buy Triggered Buy With Sl
3. Play via Bull Call Spread or Bull Put Spread
4. Buy Fut+ Buy ATM PE & Hold
6. Buy 0.20-0.25 Delta Next Month CE Naked .

Alway Confirm With Multi-TimeFrame analysis to Enterred 

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