Tuesday 19 May 2020

How to Save From False Breakout Part-2

How to Save From False Breakout  Part-2

First Read Part 1 in Below Link

Remember My Golden Rule Before Buying Any Stock
#RSP Checklist before buying
1.Never buy the stock who's trading below 200MovngAvg in Daily & Weekly
2.Never Buy the stock who's weekly/Monthly MACD below 0
3.Never buy stock who's W/M RSI below 40
Whether stock is Largecap/midcap/smallcap don't care
follow above rule & save from BadStock 90% time


If you follow above Rule 80% of time you can save from bad stock/Bad Breakout

Letsee with Some Chart  #FailedBreakout

1. Indiabulls Housing Finance Ltd

Triangle Breakout With Huge Volume activity #Failed
Reason Rule1: Stock were below 200avg that time. 

Symmetric Triangle Breakout Or Range Breakout With Huge Volume #Failed 
Reason Rule1: Stock were below 200 Sma that time.

2.Jubilant FoodWorks Ltd
Cup&Handle Bullish Breakout Above 200SMA 
But Breakout Failed 

Reason : Rule2 During Breakout weekly/Monthly MACD histogram was Below 0

3.Piramal Enterprises Ltd
Monthly Breakout Failed 
Reason: Monthly MACD Below 0

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